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Quality Inspection
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Qualitygistics provides on site parts quality inspection at the supplier location or at our off site location in Greer,  SC. Qualitygistics has the capability to rework parts with components or material supplied by our customers. With a spare parts inventory on site at Qualitygistics provided by our customer, ensures that ""good parts" are shipped to your customer with on time delivery. Qualitygistics ensures that the parts match the customer label to prevent wrong delivery and that the pack density is correct to prevent short shipments.  Documentation is provided the following morning with the previous day's activity which would include quantity of parts inspected, number ofcontainers, part number,  part description, quantity of defects, type of defect, parts reworked, and parts replaced (if provided by our cutomer). Immediate quality alerts are provided to our customer in the event there is concern. Total transparency is important to us and our customers are always welcome to visit our operation. Qualitygistics offers a10% price guarantee that we will beat our competiton without compromise to the customer's expectations.

Logistics Support

Qualitygistics  is second to none in warehousing, warehouse layout, design, and implementation of   a robust FIFO system. Qualitygistics provides Value Stream Mapping, process flow plant wide of raw material, components and finished goods, setting up a supermarket and min-max inventory system of components and raw material. Qualitygistics provides on site coverage 24/7 during the planning and implementaion stages to ensure that on time delivery is met to all your customers. Best practices are presented for review by management ensuring that your customers expectations are met. Qualitygistics provides production cell layout, process flow and best practices for a smooth flow throughout the manufacturing operation.
Why choose our Quality Inspection & Logistics services?
  • 25 + years experience in Quality and 25 + years in Logistics
  • 10 + years in the automotive industry
  • Great team of trained and qualified parts inspectors
  • Worked with OEM in Quallity, Logistics,  Supplier Development, 6S, Warehouse layout & design for finished goods, components and raw material
  • Local area Quality Inspection
  • Nationwide on site Quality and Logistics services
  • Provide support lineside at OEM
  • Our Work Ethic
                Sense of   responsibility
                Emphasis on quality
                Taking intiative
                The Golden Rule
  • Why choose QUALITYGISTICS?
               Customer oriented
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